A Typical Day in the Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Nicaragua

This video you see above was shot during a yoga teacher training courses in Nicaragua to illustrate and give the aspiring yoga teachers a sense of the environment and the ambiance. It is an extraordinary feeling to be staying in a natural environment close to both the beach and a natural reserve with wild animals.

A typical day in a yoga teacher training starts early getting out of bed to prepare for the morning practice. The mornings in Ostional are the most beautiful experience you can imagine. You get up and the temperature is perfect, the sea is clam, the sun is on the rise and the birds are greeting you. A quick cup of tea in silence and at 7 o’clock everybody are on their mats chanting and saluting the sun. Every morning the yoga class is between 7 and 9 and during the 2 hours we do our self practice in Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Nicaragua, we meditate, we do breathing work and we chant in Sanskrit.

After a long Savasana (resting pose) breakfast is ready. The breakfast is the favorite meal for many students. After more than 12 hours of fasting we have tropical fruits,  juices, rice, beans, oatmeal, seeds and nuts. Don’t get surprised when we tell you it is a three course meal.

After a short break and maybe a swim it is time for the daily yoga clinic, a mixture of theory and practical exercises all around the subject of Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Nicaragua. Our pedagogical methods are highly effective. We work with small groups of 10-12 students allowing for everybody to be active and get hands on experiences right away.

At lunchtime everybody’s hungry even though we thought that would never happened again after the grand breakfast. Lunch is followed by what we call “Peace Hour” when you get to rest and digest in quiet. This can involve laying in a hammock taking snap, reading or going for surfing. The purpose with the Peace Hour is to spend time in silence and practice mindfulness.

Every afternoon we have a yoga philosophy class. We study the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and discuss the philosophy of yoga making it comprehendible and connected to our modern world and modern way of living. It is interactive and dynamic and probably the most valuables lessons that we take away. This is when we connect the dots between the physical practice and the philosophy of yoga and it all comes together.

Rocket Yoga is our flagship and every evening we challenge ourselves on the yoga mat. This class is the total opposite of the traditional linear Primary Series. In Rocket we get to be kids again, trying new things and testing our limitations. If it wasn’t for the Rocket our students wouldn’t have the breakthroughs that they have. Rocket gets you out from your comfort zone. Rocket get you there faster.

The darkness is falling the suns sets and we have our dinner after a long and fantastic day. We have the same schedule each day but all days are little adventures in a whole. By one small step at the time we learn, we connect to each other, to the beautiful nature that surrounds us and to that with is so much bigger than us.

Credits to Chris and Denise. Video made by our dear friends from Gloobeseekers.


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