What would you do if you had to disconnect for a day? Two days? digital detox with yogaWhat about a week?

Between smartphones, tablets and computers, our modern lives are so perpetually plugged in it’s hard to imagine life before an ever-present Internet connection. Taking a break from constant connectivity can be good for you, however. After all, what you “feed” your brain is just as important as what you feed your body. A constant stream of social media and insubstantial snippets of information is hardly the most nutritious food for your mind.   A lovely side benefit of heading to a remote location for an immersive yoga teacher training can be the opportunity for a bit of “digital detox.” At our Ashtanga yoga teacher training in Nicaragua, there’s no Internet access, and little electricity. The result is a chance to unplug – a detoxing, mind-shifting experience that is not unlike the Ashtanga practice itself.

digital detox with yogaGetting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

At first unplugging can be a little terrifying. Technology has become so integrated into our lives that we can begin to feel a little lost without it. During your digital detox, you’ll suddenly find yourself without easy distractions – meaning you may have to spend some quality time alone with … yourself. Self-confrontation is a scary proposition for most of us. It’s also a vital part of the Ashtanga practice. Every moment on your mat is an opportunity to face your fears. The challenging situation of each posture offers a glimpse into the workings of the practitioner’s mind. By leaving you nowhere to run during your asana practice, Ashtanga teaches you the value of sitting with yourself everyday. Thinking of this digital detox as this concept extending into your day-to-day life might not make it less intimidating, but it will certainly make you realize the worth of the growing pains you experience in unplugging.

digital detox with yogaStrength of Body, Strength of Mind

A digital detox also presents a great support for turning inward. All yogic practices espouse some form of ekagrata, a one-pointed concentration focusing on subtler and subtler points overtime until the eternal Self can stand revealed. Constant connectivity, which demands an ever-shifting attention, is hardly conducive for fostering this kind of intense concentration. Taking some time away from technology allows you to develop the strength of mind necessary for deep concentration and focus. It lengthens your attention span in a process that both supports and is supported by your Ashtanga yoga practice.

digital detox with yogaSpend Your Energy on You

Perhaps most importantly, a digital detox is a wonderful exercise in channeling energy inward, towards your own growth and care. We spend most of our days channeling energy out into the world, towards external tasks and the care of those around us. While it’s important to do good work in the world and foster caring relationships, it’s equally important to spend some of your valuable time and energy on your own evolution. Constant access to e-mail and social media encourages us to focus energy externally. You might find that unplugging eventually becomes wonderfully freeing, allowing you to leave outside worries behind and focus on you. During an immersive yoga teacher training, when the focus is on personal growth, this internal focus can become quite powerful indeed. Scary though it may be at first, the digital detox arising from our Ashtanga yoga teacher training in Nicaragua is an extraordinary experience – one that we think will change your life for the better. Want to know more on how you can digitally detox with us in Nicaragua? Please CONTACT US here. Namaste

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