Ashtanga Is Yoga For Householders

As a practitioner, you know this all too well. You know the joys (and the struggles) of waking up before the sun to complete your practice before starting the work of the day. You have begun to notice all the little ways the practice makes your day-to-day life a little easier, your reactions calmer and more constructive, and your relationships and interactions sweeter. It’s likely these things help motivate you to keep getting on the mat.

 DSC03165Time For Practice

While the practice enhances life, however, sometimes life doesn’t enhance practice. Life doesn’t always leave us time for in-depth study, to sit and read on our quest for knowledge. Life means rolling out the mat amongst playing children or with the ticking clock urging us to get to work on time. It’s all part of the practice – but sometimes we long to take some time for the practice itself.

 Immersive Yoga Teacher Training

An intensive 200-hour Ashtanga yoga teacher training can be a great way to deepen your practice. Immersive 200-hour Ashtanga programs allow you to set aside some time for yourself, your practice, and your growth by allowing the concerns of day-to-day life to fall aside. Destination teacher trainings, such as an Ashtanga yoga instructor training in Nicaragua, Goa, or other scenic spots, allow you to enter another world, one where you’re submersed in Ashtanga, allowing you a focused, distraction-free chance to deepen your practice.

 yoga teacher training with likemimdedUnplugging From Daily Life

The settings of these intensive trainings enhance the feeling of focus they instill. The soothing sounds of the crashing waves at a beachside Ashtanga yoga teacher training in Nicaragua help calm and concentrate your mind, blocking out the frenetic fluctuations of the outside world. Or perhaps you choose to study in the stillness of the Himalayan Mountains, or the Buddhist-influenced tranquility of the Thai islands. The natural serenity of these locales encourages an inward quietude, and soon you’ll be finding yourself easily falling into a centered, focused mentality for your practice.

 Likeminded Spirits

Against these peaceful, secluded backdrops, you’ll find yourself suddenly in a community of likeminded souls. You will practice, study, eat and explore amongst a new found family of practitioners. There is something inspiring about a few weeks spent in a community whose common ground and collective aspiration is the practice. You’ll be able to leave the intentions of the “real world” behind, and place all of your intention on your growth as a practitioner – because everyone else in your 200-hour Ashtanga yoga teacher training will be in the same mindset.

 Hitting ResetDeepen Your Practice

The intensive schedules of immersive destination teacher trainings also helps you key in and deepen your practice. Your days are filled with practice and study, constantly drawing your attention to aspects of physical and philosophical knowledge. In a 200-hour immersive teacher training, you begin a process of inquiry that will reignite your flame, allowing you to reenter your old routine with a new perspective and inspired discipline.

 Hitting Reset

Immersive teacher trainings are like hitting a practice reset button, and, by default, a general one as well. When you allow yourself to be transported to these other worlds, you transport yourself into an new mindset. When you fly back, you carry that mindset with you. And once again, the practice makes householder life sweeter, after all.

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