Yoga is not just another one of those fitness trends that come and go. Yoga is considered by many to be a complete lifestyle. It has profound healing power, spiritual consequences on health and is the one cure for many health issues. Those who practice yoga daily, are seen to be in first-rate health. Here are just a few of the number of health benefits I can report for those who are unfamiliar with yoga practices and its advantages.

Physical benefit

For those of you who enjoy staying fit, yoga is the best answer to all your physiological afflictions. It shapes muscles, tones limbs, enhances flexibility and reduces fat. Those people who frequently practice yoga already may have found a new strength in their bodies. Additionally, the physical implications of yoga are diverse, and it is one of the fastest ways to get a lean body. A reduction in cholesterol, coronary blockages, and other similar heart problems are said to be reduced by yoga. It has even been mentioned that with frequent practice, hormonal imbalances, nervous disorders, and respiratory diseases are reduced.

Healing powers

The healing properties of yoga from psychological health to well-being have been felt by every yoga practitioner during their day-to-day life. It is likely that, if you have been practicing for a while too, you will have experienced, or someone you know has encountered healing from yoga regardless of psychological or mental illness. To those practicing yoga, the benefits are self-evident. What is far less obvious is how the benefits arise.

Inflammation underlying cause of diseases

In a study conducted by Ohio State University and published in 2014 by the ‘Journal of Clinical Oncology,’ it was stated that with regular practice, yoga had a significant effect on the levels of inflammation in patients who had survived breast cancer. The University followed two hundred survivors of cancer who had never practiced yoga before. During the 12-week course, half of the women were introduced to a yoga class and undertook 90-minute practice sessions twice a week. Additionally, the group of women was given DVDs to take home and were encouraged to continue practicing at home. The treatment continued for three months, then it stopped. The group using mats twice a week (minimum), showed levels of low fatigue and higher energy than those who did not participate. Inflammation is one of the fundamental reasons why cancer patients feel tired months or sometimes years after they have finished their treatment. This self-reported evidence already clearly points out the connection between yoga practice and inflammation. However, the University’s study was not based solely on the reports. Blood tests were taken by researchers and analyzed for the existence of three specific inflammation markers. For those patients who were practicing yoga, the markers were lower by some 10-15%. It proves that yoga can provide a feeling of wellbeing, it is not just the palliative effect.

Nevertheless, this conclusion is not something new. Despite this study being the largest to show any results, there are many other smaller studies which show that the influence of yoga practice can have a positive effect on inflammation. One such study showed that patients with heart failure but practicing yoga had reduced inflammation levels. Another stated that inflammation levels were much lower in expert yoga students even in the face of stress, as compared to the newer students. The evidence begins to pile up, and it becomes evident: yoga possesses healing powers, and to that end, inflammation is at best a contributing factor.

Yoga can reduce inflammation

Science shows that chronic inflammation will cause of many severe health problems.
It also shows that yoga can reduce inflammation
If you asked someone to describe the inflammation process, what would they say? It is the soreness in a muscle, the redness or puffiness around the outside of a cut? You would probably describe it that way too, right? When our bodies get hurt from either an injury or something which irritates it, it is natural for it to inflame because it is the way our body heals. However, there is a different type of inflammation called ‘silent inflammation,’ something which a person cannot feel or see at the outset of the problem. Back pain, for example, can occur stemming from inflammatory problems, which means more than likely your back has had an issue for some time, but then has developed into something more chronic.

There is no let up from chronic inflammation, and this is something entirely different. There are a range of diseases which have been linked to it, such as, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, cancer, a stroke, and diabetes. Studies have shown that heart valves and the brain can be damaged from chronic inflammation. It is also a contributing factor to strokes and the resistance to insulin leading to diabetes.

Spiritual benefits

There are immense physical and spiritual benefits of practicing yoga. Through practicing yoga, it opens the mind and body to ones’ healing powers. Yoga postures (asanas) are created so that the body can release from its energy channels (Nadis), all emotions, (prana), which are trapped. Painful past experiences ones which we replay repeatedly, get stuck until finally they are released.

Using Yoga as a method, we can transcend our physical body to unlock our emotion and free our spirit. Once the release has occurred, it will significantly uplift moods and reduce clinical depression. Optimism and positivity are the two things in which experienced yoga students believe. Concentration and focus are also two other areas which are improved.

A feeling of being at one with the body and mind will induce through the act of performing asanas (postures). Many doctors endorse the practice of yoga as a therapy to those who have ADD (attention deficit disorder), as it calms the mind and holds off feelings of anxiety. There is an invigorating sense of self-worth and an entirely different take on life.

Philosophical benefits

There are many potent questions in life, and some students even use the yogic medium to try and gain answers to them. Yoga will offer you a meditative journey into your soul, allowing your mind to take a glimpse of the unknown origins of your thoughts. It will bring with it, the search for certain philosophical ideas, relating to the world around us and all beings. Yoga will effortlessly provide an understanding of the spiritual mind. To achieve such levels of mental clarity, it takes many years of experience and hours of practice. The more experience you gain, the higher the level of clarity and enrichment of the soul you will claim. Without a doubt, one will always emerge much wiser after the session.

Yoga is certainly a weapon worth wielding in a life filled with irregularities. It can sharpen your mind, body, and spirit and make you stronger from the inside out. With the many benefits attached to the name of yoga, it continues to inspire and improve our lives.

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