Do you have questions about the yoga teacher training? Good, we have answers.

Here are the 10 most common questions about the 200 hour yoga teacher training:

1. I have a strong yoga practice. Why can´t I teach my friends and some people at my work?

Teaching yoga and practicing yoga are two different things. When you have a group of students you are responsible for them, Yoga is a powerful tool and under uneducated guidance it can bring more harm than good to a student, even if your intention was good. Would you go to a dentist who has no proper training? Probably not. It is important to know how to safely instruct others in yoga.

2. Can any yoga teacher show/teach me how to teach yoga to others?

A teacher trainer is someone who has taught a minimum of 1000 classes and have 500 hours of training in teaching others themselves.

3. Why does the training need to be so long? Why can´t I just do a week end?

The level one is 200 hours to give you the important basics so that you will get a strong foundation. This is the time it takes, then you can very well go and participate in shorter courses to deepen specific areas of your knowledge.

4. What is the advantage with a residential teacher training?

The beauty with a residential training is that you need´t worry about anything else than your personal journey together with people in the same process. Taking the steps to a yogic lifestyle is a huge leap for many people. By being in a supportive and peaceful environment without having to worry about other things you have the possibility to fully commit to the process.In a retreat environment you will have the space you need to fully digest all information as well as time to reflect and meditate. We have chosen to add self less services (Seva) into all our residential trainings as we believe it is a great opportunity to be able to give back and take yoga off the mat.

5. How important is the food in the training? Do I need to become a vegetarian?

The food part is huge but no, you do not need to become a vegetarian however many will :).Having a crew taking care of you, cooking good nutritious food will make all the difference in the world. You need great fuel to go through a practical training with sometimes 5-6 hours of physical work every day. At all our locations we serve fresh, local food with lots of greens and fruits. We also take care of any special request that you might have in terms of food allergies or others.

6. Can I work as a teacher after the 200 hours yoga teacher training?

Surprisingly many teacher trainings leave teacher with no tools to go out and teach. We are proud to say that most graduates from us actually can and do teach. We have more than 20 year of experience of what works and what does not work in terms of how to teach others how to become effective and safe in teaching yoga and how to market yourself as a teacher. It doesn’t matter if you are a great teacher if you do not know how to market yourself.

7. I have a hard time deciding which course is the right for me? What do you recommend?

Sign up with us! 🙂 No actually our training does not fit everyone and we want to make sure you get the best for you.You need to decide what style of yoga you want to teach and then find a Yoga Alliance accredited training with teachers that you like. Look for their credentials and for testimonials from past graduate students.

8. Can I “fail” the training?

The program require full commitment and participation on all activities and classes and you might be asked to revisit some parts if you where absent or even have to do the whole training again. In our system students can retake parts or even the whole training without no extra cost if they do not meet the requirements for the certification.

9. What is the average cost of a yoga teacher training?

The tuition for the 200 hours training is on average between US$ 2 – 4 000. The price in USA is around US$ 2500 and in Europe US$ 4000 for a Yoga teacher training. The reason why we are able to be on the low end is because we have lower costs here in Nicaragua. Room and board packages depends on location.

10. How much can a yoga teacher make?

It all depends on where you teach and of course of your skills. You can teach at a yoga studio, in a wellness center or you can teach private classes or corporations. You can expect to start around $30-50 per hour when you are new and then work your way up to twice and three times as much. You can get payed more from corporations and privates than teaching in a studio or a health club. We see many people combining other professional skills in the same niche like coaching or writing and  then they can make a good living doing what they love. 🙂 In the It’s  yoga teacher training we coach you to be successful and make a full time living from teaching yoga.

Please contact us if you have any other questions – we love to answer them.