Edwin & Catarina Lacayo – Founders of Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Program Nicaragua

We are the founders of yoga Nicaragua teacher training program. Our dream in Nicaragua is to bring the positive power of yoga out in the community to raise awareness and help save and restore the eco environment in the area of Ostional. Through our yoga students this will create a ripple effect reaching other parts on the planet.

What We Do – Yoga Nicaragua Teacher Training Program

We offer trans formative and inspirational immersive yoga Nicaragua teacher training program retreats  and educational programs on different levels on the Pacific Coast in Nicaragua. With our strong purpose we are attracting yoga lovers from all over the globe to our yoga teacher trainings and Seva activities.

In our Ashtanga Yoga Nicaragua teacher training program we teach you how to listen to your inner voice, grow and establish a strong self practice. Ashtanga Yoga Nicaragua Teacher Training program helps you to become a confidants yoga teacher for beginners.

Our SEVA Projects represent Karma Yoga, yoga in action. We take yoga off the mat into Ostional and the surrounding communities. We, together with the locals, work to maintain, preserve and clean the environment in and around the area. The goal is to increase awareness in the population and educate in order to preserve and restore the natural resources.

Our Mission is bringing yoga off the mats out into the world to aid in preserving, growing and protecting our planet earth and its inhabitants.

Our Vision is to support and inspire yoga students in realizing their dreams in life and use yoga, not only as a method for self realization, but also to bring the yogic consciousness off the yoga mat and out into the community.

Our Approach springs from our love of yoga and the yoga practice as a powerful force for positive changes on the planet and our approach is to promote yoga in Nicaragua and encourage the yoga practitioners in taking part in the “Seva” projects in Ostional and in that way create ripple effects. Through the lineage of Krishnamacharya, Pattabhi Jois and our teacher Larry Schultz, we introduce the Eastern Practice of yoga through a modern Western perspective. With the recognized Yoga Teacher Training Program and Rocket Routines, our yoga community is committed to supporting lovers of Yoga to manifest their dreams through a daily and practical experience of the ancient system of Ashtanga Yoga.

Our Yoga Journey

Our personal mentor has been Larry Schultz. We have taught over 5 000 yoga classes each since we started our journey in 2004, probably done more than 70 000 sun salutes and assisted over 400 “yoga teachers” in getting their certification. Our record of yoga schools consists of It’s Yoga Stockholm, Stockholm Sweden 2004 – 2009, Yoga Nicaragua in Managua Nicaragua 2009 – 2013 and It’s Yoga Nica/ Ashtanga Yoga Nicaragua from 2013. That has brought us much experience not only how to practice and teach yoga to others but also how to run a yoga school and a retreat center. Experiences we love to share with you.

Our Mission Statement to share the love of the Ashtanga Yoga practice ultimately boils down to bringing yoga off the mats out into the world to aid in preserving, growing and protecting our planet earth and its inhabitants.” – Edwin & Catarina

Yoga Nicaragua Teacher Training program

Catarina is a certified Dr of Naprapathy (a spinal expert) a certified Holistic Health Coach, a Yoga Therapist and a senior Ashtanga Yoga teacher certified by Larry Schultz. She is a registered Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals and Yoga Alliance.

“Choosing a conscious yogic lifestyle, aligning your mind, body and heart lifts your spirit high and enables you to access your full potential as an awaken human being. Bringing your yoga passion off the mat will help you serve globally.” 

Catarina´s life mission is to share the love of the yoga practice, inspire and support people who are ready to grow and transform.  As a certified Holistic Health Coach and as a Yoga Therapist she is well versed in nutrition and holistic thinking.  Catarina teaches in Swedish, English and Spanish.

Edwin is the head teacher of the programs and a senior Ashtanga Yoga teacher certified by Larry Schultz, a teacher and lecturer in Yoga Philosophy and a certified Rocket Teacher. Edwin is the creator of Ashtanga Yoga Nicaragua pay-it-forward SEVA projects in Ostional Nicaragua where saving sea turtles and planting trees are of high priority. Born in Nicaragua Edwin has a strong passion for supporting the rural community in his home country where he lives and work. With more than 10 years of full time teaching experience he likes to teach and practice the Rocket, a modern style of Ashtanga created by Larry Schultz.

Apart from being a committed yogi Edwin is also interested in food and cooking. He is a trained chef and had a several years long career in Stockholm before he changed his life style towards the yogic path. Now he loves to invent new delicious and nutritious dishes and salsas to the delight of his yoga students. A cook book is on it’s way already!

His yoga and life philosophy springs from the ancient teachers of Ashtanga as well as from his teacher Larry Schultz from whom he has inherited the compassion, discipline and humor as important ingredients to his teachings. The yoga sutras and the philosophy of yoga are topics that always are interesting to Edwin and you can count on a philosophy discussion when you meet him.