yoga retreat in NicaraguaAshtanga Yoga Retreat in Nicaragua

Vacation – the time we take to replenish our reserves by switching off for a while, leaving day-to-day routine behind for some needed relaxation. While the idea of completely unwinding for a while is appealing, refocusing rather than unfocusing your attention can be equally, if not more, beneficial. What if instead of switching off on your next vacation, you simply switched gears? What if in addition to a little rest and relaxation, you used your holiday to pursue passions that might not get as much of your time and energy when competing with the demands of work and home? For Ashtanga practitioners, an Ashtanga yoga retreat in Nicaragua can be the perfect mix of passion and relaxation to leave you feeling invigorated by a vacation well-spent.

 A Yoga Retreat is The Perfect Yoga Vacation

A retreat style Ashtanga yoga retreat in beautiful Nicaragua can make the perfect yogi vacation. Each day of your Mysore-style Ashtanga yoga training begins with the serene stillness of morning practice, conducted in centering quiet under the guidance of a supportive, experienced teacher. Deepen your practice with classes in yoga philosophy and anatomy, enjoying rare time spent focused on your practice and yourself. Your days will be filled with topics you love, making for a perfect enthusiast’s vacation.

 yoga in NicaraguaTime To Enjoy Life

In the meantime, enjoy all the luxuries of a retreat. During your Ashtanga yoga retreat in Nicaragua, all you need to concern yourself with is practice and self-care. Enjoy beautifully prepared vegetarian or vegan meals each day, savoring the revitalizing effects of tastefully executed, healthy meals comprised of fresh, local ingredients. Spend free time soaking up the sun with a little rest and relaxation on the peaceful, pristine brown-sugar beaches. With the ocean at your doorstep, a Nicaraguan Ashtanga yoga retreat course also becomes the perfect beach holiday.

 Explore Beautiful Nicaragua

Venturing to Nicaragua to practice and study also offers lots to explore. Nicaragua boasts 10% of the planet’s biodiversity and two of Central America’s largest rainforest reserves. The beaches here are some of the few in the world where sea turtles nest. Take some time while you’re here to explore the myriad natural wonders on offer here, as well as to soak up the laidback local culture. Try taking part in an Ashtanga yoga retreat that mingles amiably and respectfully with local life to reap the benefits of a “community tourism” model. In the program nestled in fishing village Ostional, for example, you’ll get the chance to expand your horizons as you engage with local village culture and indigenous communities.

 yoga retreat in NicaraguaUsing Your Time In A Focused way

With plenty of space to grow, explore, and relax in equal part, an Ashtanga yoga retreat in Nicaragua is the Ashtanga practitioner’s dream holiday. It’s all the goodness of a beach holiday with the added joys of deep, supported practice and memorable experiences to look back on for a lifetime. By using your time in a focused way in a stress-free environment, you’ll return not only well rested, but also rejuvenated and inspired.

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