Practicing yoga in Nicaragua offers a natural paradise. The country is divided into three geographical regions: Caribbean lowlands, central highlands and the Pacific lowlands. This offers a diverse and extensive countryside in which yoga can be best performed. Whether you are atop a mountain, beside the ocean or deep within a forest, any kind of natural environment will aid your spiritual practice of yoga. Read on to find out why nature is the perfect place to practice between classes.

The Benefits of the Ocean

Research suggests that water can make us feel more calm, creative and less stressed. The reason for this is unclear. It is possible that early humans, who needed a plentiful water supply for survival, would have been put at ease by the sights and sounds of water. This is especially true for rainwater, which is drinkable as well as a life source for the food we need.

According to a study published in Environment and Behavior, observing water causes a significant decrease in blood pressure. This allows the body to fully relax and prepare for the tranquil practice of yoga, so that you can re-awaken your spiritual side. The yoga retreat at Ostional Beach allows you to practice in harmony with nature, surrounded by wild birds and sea turtles. You will experience the gentle sounds of the tide and the limitless beauty of a clear night’s sky.

The Benefits of Mountains

With an abundance of mountains towering above 1000ft, Nicaragua offers solitude from everyday life. The trek to find the perfect yoga spot will boost mood, improve concentration and lower stress. This will provide an inner stillness that is required to master yoga. Breathe in the clean air and contemplate the profundity of your environment.

Mountains are traditionally considered spiritual places, providing inspiration to hundreds of religions. Himalayan sages discovered enlightenment while walking among the World’s tallest mountains, while the Greek’s thought Mount Olympus was home to their gods. This connection between mountains and spirituality is deeply embedded in how our brains are wired.

There is something staggering about a mountain or vast desert. The seemingly infinite size of these places can be a powerful, yet humbling experience. Spending time in the most awe-inspiring locations allows you to access transcendent states of consciousness.

Utilizing a Natural Diet

The brain thrives best when we consume a heavy fresh fruit and vegetable diet. Nicaragua is home to some of the most incredible, nutritious tropical fruit. These help us to feel closer to nature and provide the nutrients we need to find mental clarity. Switching to a plant based diet will also improve overall energy levels, so that you can practice for longer.

Yoga is generally practiced in the classroom with a teacher. This is fine, especially as part of a yoga teacher training and in a country as stunning as Nicaragua. However, if you wish to take your yoga experience to new heights, find a remote, natural environment to practice in. This will create incredible states of relaxation and connection to something greater than ourselves.

By: Sally Writes


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