Monte Cristo School 2015 –

It was with a lot of passion we took on the new construction work project with the Monte Christo School to build school kitchen, lunch area, bathrooms for boys and girls and a water system. In November 2015 we started with the first group of yoga students coming out to the school. The help project was supported with donations and voluntary work from the yoga students.

It was successful in all ways imaginable, we got to know the kids, the teachers and the parents who all got inspired and followed up on the work when we left the scene.

Kelli Farris and Elizabeth Barbara Bently from the yoga teacher training group volunteered with their time after the yoga teacher training had finished.
We are very grateful for all the time, effort and  special gifts brought to the school by the yoga students.

We also had two successful fund raises made possible by Nico Brennan, a Canadian yogini with a very big heart. Trough them we had the opportunity to finance the majority of the construction work.

We are, at present, working with the final part – finishing the bathrooms. More information will come…

Seva projects with Ostional School 2013 – 2014:

The school has about 300 children from 5 to 13 years of age. Our goal has been to support them with learning material and educate them in:

  • respecting and appreciating the nature
  • potting and planting trees
  • the value of fruits

The children engage in the following activities together with the yoga students, the base boll team and the organized cooperative:

  • cleaning the village days
  • recycling garbage
  • replanting trees

Kid’s Involvement in Costal Cleanup

We’ve had two great cleaning days in February and April 2014. In the February cleanup the yoga students where cleaning the entire Ostional beach. Thirteen people, both staff and students, participated. We cleaned the 3 km long beach and thus helped the turtles and other animals to not get stuck in or swallow old plastic bags and other dangerous items. We cleaned off about 400 kilos of rubbish. It was a successful day! In April 2014 we cleaned the mangroves. Mangroves are a very sensitive eco environment and the mangrove in Ostional covers a vast area. As this particular mangrove in Ostional is in great danger of destruction we were on an important mission.

A part of our project is to involve the local school kids in environmental conservation and we also help out with bringing useful study material. The local schools in Nicaragua lack the resources both for environmental education and basic learning material. For the second costal clean day in February we involved the local school. The yoga students managed to clean the entire area together with the Ostional kids. We talked to the kids about the situation and how important it is to care for our nature. Our students and the kids got to spend time together and we ended the day with yoga and refreshments.


Yoga Off The Mat in Nicaragua: Ostional School Seva Project

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