Well-Pump Project


After the Yoga Teacher Training in April 2015 David Autio and Shawn Gerry, two students from the group, stayed another two weeks for a Seva project. The task was to construct a well-pump system to trasport water from a well to the It’s Yoga vegetable garden.

“I was in the middle of a trip from Guatemala to Panama when somewhere in Nicaragua I met a girl. She was the happiest girl I’d ever met in my entire life, and also the hostels yoga instructor. I somehow got convinced to sign up for a teacher training, and never did make it Panama.

The training was the greatest 3 weeks of my entire life; no distractions in life a private beach, lots of yoga, and unbelievable food. Not to mention the greatest hosts and 100+ hours of hammock time.

After the training Shawn and I stayed in the treehouse for 2 weeks while helping on the farm. This farm is not like any farm you’ve seen before or could even begin to imagine. But it was the best experience. We expanded a garden and prepped it for the upcoming season, and built a bigger fence around it. Down in Ostional the cows roam free, so everyone has barbed wires around their properties and gardens, the only think that will stop a cow rampage.

Getting to know the guys on the farm, Burrow, Nano, Danillo and the marvelous cook Evangelina will never be forgotten. It is such a simple life in Ostional that i regularly scratch my head as to how could my life possibly be so complicated back in Canada.

The main project for our time there was to construct a well-pump system to move the well water up to the farm for easy use. Unfortunately it was the tail end of the dry season and the well was too low to pump the water. At least everything is prepared and ready to go when the rain comes.

It was a real eye opener seeing how the locals get things done around the farm, and using bulls to tow supplies.

The night before I left Edwin offered me at any time, that when I get tired of the modern world, I’m always welcome back at the farm. And every day I wonder why not…”

David Autio

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