You should always try to stay in touch with the right sources when you want to teach yoga and pursue your career as a yoga teacher or instructor. In this article, we bring forth some guidance which will assist you in your efforts towards continuing learning and growing as a yogi and yoga teacher. This is a fundamental part of yoga and it it is what is called Svadhyaya in Sanskrit.

The practice of studying our habits on the mat reveals insights on how we show up off the mat in real life. A person’s yoga self practice is a reflection on that person’s personality and can teach us a lot about areas we need to work on. When we start to pay attention to the “stuff” under the surface growth and trasformation will start to happen.

Since you are reading this post, we assume you are interested in teaching Ashtanga yoga; which has probably changed your life for better, inspiring you to help others towards a similar way of life? Teaching is no small responsibility; and when it comes to teaching the importance of Ashtanga yoga, you need to add the elements of interest, devotion, and humility to your character. Teaching itself can be a bit intimidating. However, you can give your best to achieve success in this noble profession.

The forth of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras teaches us about Svadhyaya, the practice of studying ourself or studying scriptures. Svadhyaya literary means one’s self study or reading. The word is made by Sva witch means self, own or human soul and adhyaya that means lesson or study.

Teach-Practice; Practice-Teach

A common observation says that those who can’t do – teach. However, yoga is not only teaching. Yoga is a way of life that needs to be practiced, to achieve perfection with time. If you like to teach, then you must make it a point to practice. Get on the mat, practice Ashtanga yoga six days a week, and you will make a great teacher. You need to live this practice and love it if you want to teach it.

Always Be On The Lookout For New Training Programs

As you practice Ashtanga yoga, you will eventually get better at it and have the confidence to be an instructor. However, enrolling yourself in a 200-hour Ashtanga Yoga Teacher training can act wonders, and help you garner more confidence and knowledge about this practice. When you enroll in a program such as a 200-hour Ashtanga yoga teacher training program, you gain knowledge about certain topics such as anatomy, adjustment, and philosophy. Along with your personal practice and sharing of knowledge as a teacher, you will gain the additional knowledge imparted by a teacher more experienced. Again, you get the bonus in the form of a certification which will assist you in validating of your expertise in the art, when you are just about to begin teaching!

Practice, Practice, Practice And Then Practice Some More

Learning is a never-ending practice. When you have achieved your yoga certification, never think of it as the end. There are always new things to look out for, and a lot of knowledge to gain, especially in the domain of yoga. Continue reading books on yoga, seek new training sessions by a different instructor, attend workshops- these are just a few ways which might help enhance your knowledge. It is not necessary that you should not or cannot attend a teacher’s training program just because you have a certification such as RYT-200. Also, when you get yourself into an immersive Ashtanga yoga teacher training by an experienced instructor, it helps you to regain your ground and confidence in your practice. Such yoga teacher training is offered in places such as Nicaragua, Greece or Costa Rica, which are ethereal locations vastly surrounded by nature. Your interest to learn and improvise will inspire you to develop into a box of knowledge about yoga. Make sure you continue with your practicing.

Once A Student, Always A Student!

Your stand on how you act will be the key to becoming a yoga teacher. Humility is the best attribute of ones’ character than one can adhere to while doing Ashtanga practice. Always keep yourself away from the thoughts that you know everything, and step into the shoes of a student while you teach or practice yoga. However, keep on sharing knowledge while staying on an equal footing with your students.

Teaching like a professional is easy only if you stay a student forever. Remaining a student is inevitable to achieve heights in the noble profession of educating, whether you are in your classroom, home or even at an Ashtanga yoga teacher training.
Always inspire yourself to keep doing self-study or “Svadhyaya,” and surrender to the enormous world of yoga, which will be the key to you becoming a good yoga teacher.


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