Welcome To Ostional!

El Ostional

The region round El Ostional consists of protected land and the small fishing village has an atmosphere of authenticity not easily found anywhere else on the planet. Unlike other major tourist towns in Nicaragua like San Juan del Sur and Granada the locals runs the majority of the activities without any interference from outside. The cool and relaxed ambience is great for any retreat group looking to get away from the crowds and busy stressed out everyday life. If you are not attracted to high-end hotels and spas and just want to go back to basics and find your inner peace – this is it. During the years we have had a blend of the most interesting and creative spirits on different quests in life from different corners of the world. It seems like this magical place attracts special kind of people with special dreams. If you are a special person with dreams this is for you too.


Ostional is A Peaceful Place With Many Things To Do

Hiking in the forest

This place is home for lots of birds, animals, trees and exotic plants that will thrill any outdoor lover. The hills offer spectacular views over the Pacific and you can easily spot howler monkeys, parrots, eagles and other interesting animals.
The beach offers you a beautiful stretch of sand where you are likely to be undisturbed. There is a well-known point break in the middle of the bay and the water is perfect for swimming or snorkeling. Trips to nearby beaches or fishing trips are also memorable adventures and you can even go on kayak when the sea is calm. During evening time the beach is a magical place for campfire and stargazing.

Ostional beach has a well-known point break called ‘Los Senos’ (the Breasts) that’s best at midtide, with decent-sized swells. You will find the break just outside the Beach House. Read more: LONLY PLANET


The Yoga Rancho

This is the yogis favorite spot! On the north side of the beach, opposite from the village that is located on the south, you will find our Yoga rancho. It is an open door yoga floor fronting the ocean made in the typical rustic Nicaraguan way. The yoga space is the center and around we have hammocks, tables and chairs for relaxing, chilling and dining. The kitchen area takes up a big part of the rancho area with an open grill as well as a traditional indoor kitchen. There are bathrooms and both indoors and out door showers in the area. There is a roof top house where two yoga teachers can sleep – with the best view on the beach.

Chef Toto Miguel and Evengelina

Our Nicaraguan staff will make you feel at home!

Our very special incredible staff of locals takes care of everything during your stay. They have been with us from the beginning and they will make you feel at home and safe from the very first minute you arrive.


Healthy Delicious Food

You are what you eat and your food is your medicine. We focus a lot on the food because we know how important it is. After your stay with us you will leave detoxed and stronger than ever before. We serve locally grown, ecological, home made food. Each meal is made with love and the ingredientes are fresh, organic herbs, vegetables, rice, beens, lentils and fruits. Our chef is very innovative and we have a holistic nutritionist in the crew.

Foods that we do not serve are: all refined food containing chemicals of any kind, sugar, bread, refined flour and alcohol. These foods all place extra stress on our body systems and by cutting them out the body has the opportunity to rebalance itself. Our meal plans are carefully designed to support you in the intensive yoga teacher training and we are happy to help you out if you have any specific diet requirement.
We encourage you to drink and eat plenty. To drink more water than usually might be needed during the training as we are in a tropical country. Filtered water is available for you around the clock. There is also a wide range of herbal teas available for you.  Many of our guests are vegetarian or vegan but newly caught fish is often on the menu for those who eat fish and if you love seafood you can also look forwards to eating grilled lobster. Vegan, vegetarian or other special request meals are always available.

Breakfast: Fresh fruits, oatmeals, rice and beans, coffee or herbal teas.
Lunch: Lunch is the main meal with a variety of raw salads and vegetables, hummus, guacamole, freshly made vegetable soups, warm beans and lentil dishes like Dal, grilled fish and sea food.
Afternoon tea: Herbal teas and/or fruits to freshen up.
Dinner: Often served with a entree dich followed by a main dish.



Our accommodations are modest, rustic and simple. They are comfy and clean, all strategically located on the beach for you to enjoy every minute of your stay. All rooms includes bathroom, electrical fans, bedsheets and towels. There are roomservice daily and we also offer cleaning service for an additional small fee.

Beach House Located right on the best part of the beach just a couple of hundred meters from the yoga rancho. Large rooms with lots of light and air. Bathroom with shower in each room and an area with a fridge in each room. Large recreation area in front of the house with hammocks tables and chairs.

3 rooms with 4 people in each room, sleeps 12. Beds are of “dorm quality”.
4 people in each room sleeps 12

Hostel Mantarya Located on the north side of the beach near the village. 15 minutes walk on the beach to the yoga rancho. Family owned hostel where they have great knowledge of the area with its flora and fauna. The double rooms have single or king-size beds of good quality. All rooms have their own bathroom and front porch. Here you can also rent kayaks.


Double Room MANTARYA



4 rooms, sleeps 4 single or 4 couples
2 – 4 people in the fifth room

Roof Top House Located on top of the yoga rancho with beautiful view over the ocean. Bathroom and shower downstairs. Two single beds of “normal” standard. Sleeps 1 – 2 or 1 couple.

White House Located 200 meters from the Yoga rancho fronting the ocean. 2 room house with bathroom for maximum 4 people, 1 bunk bed and a double bed of good quality. The house also has it’s own front porch.