Yoga in Nicaragua  is certainly becoming more and more popular and can be found in many places around the country. As a remedy for the stresses and struggles of daily life, more and more people are turning to yoga, no matter what culture, race, religion or sex. There is a vast expanding number of visitors to Nicaragua, who are hopeful about their efforts to raise interest in yoga as a benefit for the people.

Nicaragua was populated decades ago, pre-Columbian, by the indigenous tribes who migrated from the North. In the early 1600s, when the Spanish arrived, three tribes inhabited Nicaragua. Each of the tribes had varying cultures and spoke different languages.

It is quite interesting how the country got its name. The leading tribe were called Nicaraos and they lived along the shores of Lake Nicaragua. The Spanish word for water is Agua, because of the many rivers and lakes there are in between the two oceans.

The conquerors from Europe completely destroyed the indigenous civilization when they invaded, and ever since then Nicaragua has been known for its instability. Civil wars, corruption, dictatorships, profound poverty and natural disasters caused turbulent times in the country. The socio-economic structure in Nicaragua did not stabilize until more recent years. Once that happened, the rest of the world took notice on this stunning Central American country with its volcanoes and lakes.

Positive Support: Nicaragua Needs Yoga

Many third world countries like Nicaragua are soft targets when it comes to large global corporations and exploitation of the tourism industries. Tourism is a massive industry worldwide these days. Anywhere you travel to you will see enormous identical looking resorts. Everyone enjoys traveling, it enables us to meet other people from different cultures and widen our horizons, which makes us more accepting and open to different cultures and languages that we do not speak. It is quite sad because many people have forgotten this and the number of positive experiences are far outweighed by the negative ones, despite believing the opposite. With conscious tourism and yoga in Nicaragua there will be a positive development.

Is Tourism A Highway To Heaven Or The Road To Hell?

Tourism generally ruins environments and violates basic human rights by worsening areas of poverty. Property rights issues are a common thing as land is stolen from the local population by investors. One of the most dynamic sectors and chief sources of revenue in Nicaragua today is the tourism. In 2011, more than one million tourists visited the country which generated $350m(USD).

Although the country has a very high poverty rate, it has one of the most enriched natural environments in the world. It has 700 kilometers of coastline with outstanding beaches on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts and 22,000 kilometers of nature reserves. Eco-tourism is one of the most popular and fastest growing tourism. Surf Lodges, Eco-lodges and Yoga Retreat centers are popping up everywhere, which is attracting responsible nature lovers and yogis alike. Sadly, along with tourism comes many people, which can disrupt things like the wildlife habitats and other areas motivated by profit, which does not make it quite as sustainable as you would believe.

Yoga in Nicaragua

As with everything else, you as a consumer have the power. Which is where we can take yoga in Nicaragua off the mat. Like everything else that you buy, be responsible and gain all the facts and ask your questions. Shop and eat locally, and make sure you realize the consequences of your behavior. Be as smart as you can be and raise your awareness.

If you are searching for a spiritual experience, then Nicaragua is the place for you to visit, it is incredible. In fact, it may well be the first country ever to survive tourism. To be able to do that, we must entice caring and responsible visitors to the country, those who have a different approach to new places and do not consider eco-tourism as a gimmick.

The path to a better world is, we believe, in the power of yoga right at this moment in time and in the future. Yoga enriches our experience in the way we see and relate to the world as a transformational force. I will broaden our minds and bring knowledge, support, positive ideas and energy to everyone. As a traveler, visiting Nicaragua as a yogi is a great way to get to know the people on the same level, to see the natural beauty of the country and share in the fantastic culture as well as the love of yoga.


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