Check out what our yoga students has to say about their experience in the Yoga Teacher Training.

“I learned a lot during the 200 hour YTT training. Edwin is an amazing and knowledgeable teacher. He showed that he genuinely cared about every student. All of the staff were friendly, kind, and professional. The food was always fresh, nutritious and delicious. The accommodations were simple allowing your focus to be on more important things. The location in Ostional is absolutely beautiful, quiet, and tranquil. There is a gorgeous beach with spectacular sunsets and view of the stars and the moon. Experiencing my yoga practice outdoors with the the gentle breeze, sounds of the ocean and nature was priceless. I enjoyed the SEVA opportunity with the children at a local school and the visit to the farm.”

Rachel, US

“Edwin, Catarina, Clara and Sid (the boxer) Thank you. Words can not express how grateful we are for everything you have done. We absolutely loved the training here and we are glad universe brought us together. Ostional is such a magical place. The beach is great, the yoga rancho is beautiful and the atmosphere is unbeatable. Our daily practice has become very strong and we are already experiencing the benefits. Your knowledge, guidance, wisdom and love in invaluable and we appreciate everything you do. Thank you. Love.”

Katie and Samuel, Canada

“Thank you Edwin & Catarina for bringing me hope. Before I was coming here I felt as I was alone in a lot of ways. I would love to come back and contribute more to this cause. I will now go on in this world as a worrier of light. I am thoroughly thankful for your wisdom and the opportunity to train by your side.”

Acturus, Canada

“Thank you for opening your doors, your practice and your business to me and to us. I have learned a lot from which I can both grow and share. I came whiting to grow a plant, Instead I tilted and planted a garden” Thank you again, my deepest regards

Alicia Youlton, USA

“Thank you for all the knowledge and guidance you have shared. Sparking the moment for my own self journey discovery.” Namaste

Ruby Lyon, Canada,

” I laughed, I cried…and I did handstand! What an experience this has been! There are not enough kind words to describe Edwin and Catarina. Not merely our hosts and teachers, but they have grown to feel like a part of my family. They are amazing humans with hearts as big as Nicaragua! What they have created in Ostional, Nicaragua is truly one of a kind.A teaching/learning space where you are surrounded by nature at it’s finest, and people with hearts of gold. Each practice is peaceful and tranquil, while set to a soundtrack of singing birds and crushing waves. Catarina and Edwin have gone above and beyond, and they nourish us from the inside out. They shower us with fresh, healthy and delicious food. I feel very blessed to have been a part of the It’s Yoga training. Not only will I leave here with a greater understanding and love for yoga, but I also take with me a stronger sense of the person I want to be. OM SHANTI “

Dana from Canada

“Ashtanga Yoga Nicaragua is much, much more than a yoga teacher training. It’s an experience. Each day is spent on the beautiful sleepy beach of Ostional. From sun up to sun down days are packed with yoga, giving a effect mix of practice, background and theory. Not only is the atmosphere amazing, the food is also fantastic. The meals are healthy, packed with fresh local ingredients, leaving the body and mind fully nourished. I can not imagine doing my training anywhere else.”

Tanja from USA  

” As a beginner “yogini’ I was excited yet intimidated to begin my yoga teacher training. Edwin and Catarina are inspirational teachers in the way that they constantly reassure their students that yoga is a continual learning process – there is no rush. In addition the stunning beach front view and incredible food helped to make this one of the most memorable and rewarding experiences I have ever had.”

Danni, USA 

” What a team! Catarina, Edwin, Clara and Sid! Honestly I think that most people are lucky to get one or two experiences like this in their lifetime. Catarina and Edwin are amazing teachers and really amazing people. The location was stunning, the training extensive (profound), the location and accommodation perfect….even the food was fantastic! Thanks so much guys, lots of love. “

Matt, UK

“It’s Yoga Ostional has been an amazing and tranquil experience. The isolated beach beach front rancho has offered room for my body, mind and soul to grow. I’ll be reluctantly leaving prepared to teach Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with my ego planted firmly on the ground and my spirit souring high. This has been an unforgettable experience. Thank you Clara, Catarina, Edwin and Sid (the enlightened one)” Note: Sid is a boxer dog.”

Scott, USA